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Online dating is big business, but it also has some big problems with identity verification practices—made even more real by this month’s concerning reports about child abuse and exploitation happening on some of the world’s biggest dating platforms.


Governments are getting involved, poised to crack down and introduce legislation for customer onboarding and security standards—primarily, age checks.

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As ID verification, face recognition, and AI become a part of everyday consumerism, we’re taking a look at how this once ‘sci-fi only’ tech is transforming major markets, globally— Kicking things off with face recognition’s impact on the Gambling industry (yup, that means: casinos, sports betting, bookmaking and beyond!).


In an industry where large amounts of money are exchanged between gamblers and the ‘house’, security and safety have been the cornerstones of the gambling experience for decades.

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Misidentification of people based on ethnicity, gender, and age plagues the facial recognition industry, and it’s a continuing mission of ours to fix this problem.


From our 2012 inception, Kairos has licensed much of its core technology from other innovative AI vendors. By adding our own sizzle to it, we saw impressive adoption from businesses and developers, all around the world. However, it was always our vision to create our own.

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New Kairos self-hosted face recognition API is designed to address critical privacy and security needs of Enterprise customers without sacrificing performance or the user experience.


We’ve always believed in the power of APIs. In fact, we were one of the first commercial Face Recognition APIs on the market back in 2013.

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Picture this: You want to bring the innovation of face recognition to your business, you excitedly sign-up for a free API key with Kairos, you start testing, and…well, you find yourself scratching your head at the results.


You’ll be pleased to hear you are not alone. And we’re here for you. This article gives you a seriously thorough guide to getting the most out of Kairos face recognition, and explains how— with some simple tweaks of a concept called thresholds— you’ll be rubbing your eyes in amazement in no time.

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